About repeatermap.de

About repeatermap.de

This website started as an idea to show the repeaters in the Hamburg area on a map. The first repeaters came from a list of repeaters in Hamburg which was maintained by Bernie (DL6XB) and Winni (DL3XU) and could be found on the website of DARC Hamburg Hamburg. Thank you very much to Berni and Winni for the cooperation.

After a while I received more and more repeaters and corrections and so it's the goal to build a database that is useful for all OMs and YLs. This is not possible without your support. So if you find out that something is missing or wrong, just send me a message and I will update the database as soon as possible.

The map is always centered to Hamburg. How can I change this?

Yes, it's possible to provide the center of the map as URL parameter. This can be used to save the URLs in the bookmark list. More improvements are planned for this and there will be more position related functionality.

Example: Map centered to Berlin: https://repeatermap.de/?lon=13.4&lat=52.5

I found a mistake in the data. What can I do?

Just send me a message or report a correction. We will update the database as soon as possible.

There is a repeater missing, can you add it?

Of course, just fill the following form and we will add the repeater to the map: